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Educating Owners / Buyers / All Agents & Services Related to Real Estate

Photographer Appraising Training Broker / Agent Listing Training Broker / Agent Listing Training Dimensional Systems Buying & Listing Owner Education
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Educating Owners / Buyers / All Agents & Services Related to Real Estate

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Phoenix Methodology Inc Franchise and Member services will revolutionize how real estate and related services are bought, sold, delivered and managed with three key offerings. Phoenix Methodology Rendering allows potential buyers to envision the property as theirs before they buy. Potential buyers will be able to view real estate properties with colors and furnishings of their choice. Phoenix Methodology Ads enhance banner advertisements with “AdBoard,” capabilities allowing potential buyers to send, receive and monitor information without ever leaving Phoenix Methodology Rendering.  While potential buyers use Phoenix Methodology Rendering to search for and evaluate real estate, they will be presented with strategically placed Phoenix Methodology Ads from pertinent real estate ancillaries and after-market service providers. Advertisers will enjoy an unprecedented level of targeted and measured advertising exposure earlier in the sales/buying cycle. Phoenix Methodology Inc Network Electronic Outsourcing (E.O.) Leads captured by Phoenix Methodology Ads will then be nurtured and processed by Phoenix Methodology Inc Network E.O., which is also powered by Patent Holding Company technology. Prospective buyers will have access to everything from basic lead related information to comprehensive online applications for ancillary and after market services, such as mortgage, mortgage insurance, fixtures, furniture, flooring, property and title insurance without leaving the Property Tour and Internet Advertisements. Phoenix Methodology Ads E.O. services will be developed along functional lines.


P hoenix Methodology Inc. promotes education, training, and support of members of the real estate and ancillary industries. Furthermore, the Corporation will provide a support structure and  organization emphasizing emerging technologies to advance and assist education, research, analysis, and the free flow of information for all facets of real estate activities. These include brokerage, management, mortgage financing, debt management and reduction, debt collection, appraising, counseling, land development and building, and advertising. Phoenix Methodology Franchise is additionally organized to promote ethical standards of business conduct in the real estate industry, raise the professional and ethical standards of real estate practice, effectively unify real estate professionals, exert a positive influence on the real estate industry and preserve the right of property ownership.  Patent Holding Company data mining of its cloud based real estate transparency service will allow Phoenix Methodology network franchise  members to access a multitude of vital information and documentation, such as RESPA/TILA docs, Title and County Records in all 50 states, plus Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia. Phoenix Methodology offers accurate and fast access to vital documents associated with the buying, selling and mortgage processes and transactions, including a proprietary and patented process offering an alternative for real estate. Phoenix Methodology members would consist of real estate professionals, appraisers, bankers, mortgage brokers, investors, buyers and sellers. Consumers review member services and will have access to see the processes of the real estate buying systems. Various government agencies and their regulators can join as Phoenix Methodology franchise network educates members in an effort to better understand market data. These agencies will be able to monitor trends, assure awareness and better react in an effort to avoid another potential mortgage crisis. Small real estate agencies face the challenge of competing with full-service brokerage companies that provide their customers with a one stop shop array of services which, until Phoenix Methodology, was impossible for smaller companies to offer.  By providing a professional network and state of the art technology, Phoenix Methodology network links all members of the real estate transaction into one seamless and collaborative computer system and system process, providing small businesses access to the same integrated services as their larger brokerage firm competitors.  Phoenix Methodology network creates a level playing field in which they can fairly and fiercely compete within their market.
The following information is provided to inform the public of our services as a public announcement. P hoenix Methodology INC.  signing up individuals to own part of our franchises’  at this time. Please note that currently full access to this site is not supported publicly. Full web and APP access will be granted to those whom become franchise owners and those whom sign up under the franchise owner as members who are Real Estate Agents/Agencies, Mortgage Agents/Agencies, Insurance Agents/Agencies and related services.

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INSURANCE BANKING ADVERTISING REAL ESTATE  PM Distributions Insurance Key  Man, Benefits Package  Employees, Franchisee  Employees, Nonprofit Agent/  Agency Benefits as Group  Insurances, Long Term Asset with  Risk Mitigation & Liabilities Low  PM Distribution Long Term /Short  Term Trusts Funding  Disbursements To Agents &  Property Owners  Via Money  Market Accounts Liquid Cash  Business Functions  PM ADs Investment Establishes  Clients from Joining Agents &  Mergers Acquisitions Local Ad  Companies Building Upon Clients  PM Investment CXO Trust 10 year  exit plan legacy With Establishing  CXO Value to Insure IPO Success  Beyond 10 years  Estimated Values Group  Insurances Property & Causality,  Health, Bonding and Other  Insurances Rates Amending From  Growth Over 5 Years Turn Key  Services Expected Lower Cost  Property  Trust Holding  Investment Building Map  Locations with Services Provided  Via Franchisee Color Coded  National Scale  PM  Limited Public Relations &  Media Communications. Media  Primary Focus Upon Clients  Services Non Profit Members  Using PM Systems, Turn Key  Promotions Clients Relations  Grabbing Consumer Marketing PM Offices 4 Companies @ 285  Locations Spending $10 million a  building. Franchise Purchasing @  $5million Each Company @  Location with $2.5million  Funding Location Build Out with  Floating Offices systems and  Premiant Events  Gantt Charting  Building Location  3 year Starting Plan with  estimated completion of 5 years  of all 285 locations  Leasing Additional Office   Services as Passive Income   Property Trust Value Enhances  IPO Abilities